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Vertical blinds and panels offer the sleek lines of drapery combined with the daylighting control of blinds.

  • Allow maximum daylight and views when fully open
  • Block out significant direct sunlight when fully closed
  • Or anywhere in between to suit light management throughout the day: adjust the angle of the vertical slats to block desired portion of direct sunlight
  • Sustainable options in Greenguard or Greenguard Gold fabrics sustainability
  • Ideal for wide openings and glazed doors
  • Stack left or right with the reversable headrail; or choose Center Split option
  • Available configurations to suit any application:
    • Vertical Blinds
      Available in smooth or textured lead-free/UV-resistant vinyl, sheer to room-darkening designer fabrics, and even genuine wood vertical blinds.
    • Sliding Panels
      Our sliding panels can be made of solar shade fabric, sheer to room-darkening designer fabrics, or bamboo. Beyond simply window coverings, they also make great room dividers.
  • Controls and operation:
    • Standard manual controls include cord, tension pulley or one-touch control wand
    • Both tension pulley and one-touch wand meet GSA cordless / child-safe criteria
    • Motorization is available for most models
  • Buy American: Custom-made in the USA