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Sleek and minimalist, Roller Shades are an excellent choice to balance control of incoming light levels while still maintaining views to the outside. We also offer blackout shades, which completely block light and heat from the sun.

  • Commonly made of “Solar fabrics” or “Solar shades”
    • Filters incoming daylight, reducing its brightness
    • Still allows views to the outdoors
    • Minimizes glare on video screens and computers
    • Blocks harmful UV rays
    • Sheer to Light-Filtering weaves
    • Blackout fabrics also available
    • Will not fade or tear
    • Stain, mold, and mildew resistant
    • NFPA flame retardant (FR) certified
    • Microban antimicrobial treated
    • Energy-efficient: reduces heat gain in and heat loss out sustainability
    • Almost all solar fabrics are Greenguard Gold certified sustainability
    • Some are Cradle to Cradle certified sustainability
    • Recycled content fabrics availabe sustainability
    • PVC-free and/or Low-VOC fabrics available sustainability
    • Also available in mylar, with many of the same great features
  • Available configurations to suit any application:
    • Single Roll
      A simple and elegant solution for filtering incoming light while maintaining views. Select a duplex two-sided fabric for the best balance of heat mitigation and glare reduction in a single shade panel.
    • Dual Roll: Filtering + Darkening Shades
      Dual Roller Shades integrate a light-filtering solar shade and a blackout shade – either of which can be lowered or raised independently – on separate rolls. For example, lower the solar shade during the day to reduce heat gain and glare while still maintaining a view to the outside. Alternatively, lower the blackout shade at night to protect privacy or during the day to completely block damaging UV rays and eliminate glare on video screens and computers.
    • Cordless Shades
      Cordless shades are designed to meet the safety requirements of the GSA Child Care Center Design Guide using either a hand-operated clutch or spring rollers.
    • Bottom-Up Shades
      Unlike traditional shades, our Bottom-Up  Shade rises from a roller at the bottom of the window sill. It blocks the sun’s rays at the bottom of the window, while allowing daylight to pass comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window, and still maintaining views to the outdoors.
    • Exterior Shades
    • Many of our roller shades and fixed panels can be exterior mounted, where they are even more effective at managing incoming light and heat. Exterior fabrics, attachments, and controls are designed to withstand the elements.
    • Skylight Shades
      Solar shade fabric is an excellent choice for managing incoming light and heat at skylights. Options include fixed, crank-operated, or motorized shades, interior or exterior application. Click for more details on skylight shades.
    • Fixed Panels
      Where full-time solar control solution is required, solar shade fabric can be installed as Fixed Panels. These elegant panels are permanently mounted in the desired position and have no operable parts. Fixed panels can be an economical solution for difficult-to-reach openings or for arches and other special shapes.
  • Optional coordinating top fascia panel conceals the roller hardware
  • Couple 2 or 3 panels on one controller to raise and lower as one — for large width openings
  • Add a custom screen-printed graphic or logo to many of our shade fabrics  —  contact us for details
  • Controls and operation:
  • Buy American: Custom-made in the USA