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The familiar simplicity and flexibility of horizontal blinds makes them the default choice for many window treatment scenarios.

  • Allow maximum daylight and views when fully drawn up
  • Maintain excellent view-through with slats tilted open
  • Block significant direct sunlight when fully lowered and tilted shut
  • Or anywhere in between to suit light management throughout the day: adjust the angle of the slats to block direct sunlight while allowing views outward and reflecting softer indirect light further into the room
  • Available materials to suit any application:
    • Aluminum
      Our recycled-content commercial-quality aluminum material resists bends and kinks. The durable antimicrobial, anti-static polyester finish is baked-on to virtually eliminate chipping and corrosion. Greenguard Gold certified. sustainability
    • Vinyl
      An economical window treatment that offers the look of more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Our vinyl blinds will not fade or yellow with age, and are 100% lead-free. sustainability
    • Wood
      The natural warmth and beauty of genuine North American hardwoods, treated with premium-quality low-VOC paints and stains. We can custom match any existing paint or stain color. Our wood blinds are sourced from manufacturers who adhere to Sustainable Yield forest management practices. sustainability
    • Faux Wood 
      As an alternative to real wood, our faux wood blinds will not crack or warp, and are suitable for moisture-prone spaces where real wood is a poor choice. Faux wood blinds are anti-static treated, which means they also collect less dust than real wood. Our premium faux wood products feature a popular textured wood-grain finish that mimics the look of real wood – plus we can custom match any existing paint or stain color. Greenguard Gold certified. sustainability
    • Soft Sheers = Shades/Blinds Hybrid
      Combines the shading functionality of a horizontal blind with the soft look of sheer draperies. Click here to learn more.
  • 1/2" Micro, 1” Mini, or 2” to 21/2” Macro slats
  • Colors and finishes are UV-resistant to prevent fading
  • NFPA-701 flame retardant (FR) certified
  • Most are Greenguard certified; aluminum and composite are Greenguard Gold sustainability
  • Color-coordinated headrail valance included
  • Optional decorative cloth tape available on select models
  • Controls and operation:
    • Standard manual control via lift cord and tilt wand
    • Cordless option meets GSA child-safe criteria
    • Retractable child-safe cord available on select models
    • Motorization is available for most models
  • Buy American: Custom-made in the USA