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Cellular Shades are a stylish way to improve the energy efficiency and sound levels of any space, while providing a tailored professional appearance.

  • Attractive closed-cell “honeycomb” design creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to lower energy bills year round sustainability
  • Cellular Shades provide excellent sound absorption – among the best in all window treatments we offer
    • Helps dampen ambient noise in rooms with hard flooring
    • Can reduce noise infiltration from outdoors
  • Available in four levels of opacity: sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout
  • Select from three sizes of honeycomb cells:
    • Single Cell - Narrow
      Narrow 3/8" or 9/16" pleat design, ideal for smaller window sizes or windows with a shallow jamb depth; most economical cell choice
    • Single Cell - Wide
      A larger 3/4" single cell pleat, ideal for larger windows
    • Double Cell
      Double layer of narrow 3/8" or 7/16" pleats for extra insulating value; ideal for small to medium window sizes sustainability
  • Choose from an array of operation methods:
    • Traditional Bottom-up Operation
      Fixed at the header, raises and lowers from the bottom edge only
    • Continuous Cord Loop Operation
      Similar to Traditional Bottom-up, but with tensioned cord loop for child safety
    • Bottom-Up / Top-Down
      Raise or lower either from the top or the bottom edges for greater flexibility
    • Sun Up / Sun Down
      Sheer fabric in upper half, room-darkening or blackout fabric in bottom half; raise or lower from either the top or the bottom edges, or adjust the center divider, for maximum flexibility in light control
    • Top-Down Only
      Fixed at sill level, raises and lowers from the top edge only; allows daylighting and views out over the top while protecting work surfaces near the window
    • Cordless 
      A cordless child-safe version is available in most of the above operation methods
  • Clean, uncluttered, professional appearance:
    • Concealed cords and cord routs
    • Hidden steel mounting brackets
    • Low-profile aluminum headrail and bottom rail on all operating systems
    • When fully stowed, stack is minimal and unobtrusive
    • Color-coordinated components provide a finished look
    • Neutral color exterior face for a consistent street-side appearance
  • Superior pleat retention
  • Washable, stain- and wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Certain fabrics certified as NFPA flame retardant (FR) or Microban antimicrobial
  • Controls:
    • Standard manual control via lift cords, or optional continuous loop cord
    • Cordless option meets GSA child-safe criteria and is available in most of the above operation methods
    • Motorization is available for most models
  • Buy American: Custom-made in the USA